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Unless otherwise noted, our foraging treks run approximately 3 hours
and are limited to 15 particpants.

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April 29th

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Although Japanese Knotweed (pictured here) is classified as "invasive" it is one of the more tantalizing wild edibles that appear in early Spring. It's tart taste is similar to rhubarb and can be used in much the same way. Young shoots are perfect in pies or crisps and can be made into a healthy tea.

Join us on trails 20 minutes from Stratford as we collect these and other healthy edibles such as wild leeks, day lily shoots, wild ginger and more.

There's a reason Travel and Leisure Magazine and Marriott International listed Puck's Plenty as one of the top foraging spots in the world.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: 96 Birmingham Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 2S9
Cost: $35.00/person

April 30th

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Yet another invasive plant is garlic mustard which poses a serious threat to native forest plants and is a bane to gardeners. One sollution to control this pest is to simply eat it. In early Spring the top baby leaves and flowers are absolutely delicious. The taste resembling arugula or rapini. It's wonderful eaten raw or added to soups and stews. We'll search for these and other wild edibles such as wild leeks, wild ginger, trout lilys and day lily shoots. Trails are only a 20 minute car ride from Stratford inside beautiful landscapes of Southwestern Ontario.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: 96 Birmingham Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 2S9
Cost: $35.00/person

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