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White Coral Mushrooms
Fall Oyster Mushrooms w/husky Faolan

These events are "go" rain or shine.

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Upcoming Events for September

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September 25th


The Comb Tooth

When you're walking through the forest and come across a branched, whitish mass on a fallen log you might think it was a patch of Winter out of nowhere. In reality it would be the Comb Tooth, another choice mushroom that has a melt in your mouth flavour. Like the Bear's Head they have no real shelf life so they should be consumed the day you find them. They can be anywhere between six to ten inches in length which would give anyone a sizeable meal. You can't find mushrooms like this in the produce section of stores and you will not experience a taste like this unless you go to the wild. Along with the Comb Tooth we will be searching for Bear's Head (another tooth fungi), Honey Mushrooms, Summer Oysters and much more.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 26th


Lepista Irina

One of the more exciting new finds of 2018 is the Lepista Irina, a large, meaty mushroom that inhabits forest floors from mid-September through the end of the season in November. Like most mushrooms the younger the better for taste. But there's something about the Lepistra that delays decay which means individual mushrooms will be around for some time. With most "choice" wild edible mushrooms there is a sweetness about them. Moreover, they are quite abundant.

We're off to the trails and along with the Lepistas we will be searching for Blewits (Lepista Nuda), Tooth Fungi and both Pear Shaped and Gem Studded Puffballs.

Marriott International listed Puck's Plenty as one of the "Top 10 Adventures to Have this Summer". Join us and find out why!

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 27th

Sold out.

Pear Shaped Puffballs

The first of our series of weekday events feature one of Autumn's finer tasting fungi, Pear Shaped Puffballs. About the size of Button Mushrooms, the Pear Shape is listed on the taste scale as "Choice". With a firm white interior, it is delicious sauteed in butter and garlic. These mushrooms can be found clustered on and around the dark and decaying remnances of harwood stumps. We will also be searching for Comb Tooth Coral, Lepista Irinas, Velvet Foot mushrooms and more. Wild plants are also on the agenda featuring Wild Watercress and Wild Ginger.

Why not join us on trails in and around our lovely town of Stratford.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $35.00/person