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White Pine Bolete
Otter Creek off the Avon Trail
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White Coral Mushrooms
Fall Oyster Mushrooms w/husky Faolan

These events are "go" rain or shine.

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September 2nd

15 tickets available.

The Giant Puffball

One of the great celebrities of late Summer, the Giant Puffball demands attention if only for its size. So far our record find was an 18 pounder back in 2016. I don't think we can do much better than that. Outside of its dimensions the Puffball is also rated as "choice" for taste the world round. They will be easy targets in the forest so why not join us as we also search for Summer Oysters, Turkey Tails, Angel Wings and more.

Start time: 10:30 am
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 3rd

15 tickets available.

Summer Oyster Mushrooms

This popular member of the Oyster Mushroom Family appears in late June where it continues to grace hardwood forests right through until late October. Its fleshy texture and mildly sweet taste makes it the perfect article for any recipe calling for mushrooms.

To be sure there are other fungi to be found. Hen of the Woods, Shrimp of the Woods, Puffballs and more. Find out why The Australian included Puck's Plenty in their article on wild food earlier last year.

Start time: 10:30 am
Where: Bright, Ontario area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 4th

15 tickets available.

Gem Studded Puffballs

Among the Puffball Family of mushrooms are the Gem Studded. About the size of button mushrooms, they are meatier than their giant cousins. They get their name from the crystal projections that appear on the cap. They are found in clusters along the forest floor and are easily spotted by their brilliant white colour.

Find out why Marriott International listed Puck's Plenty as one of the "Top 10 Adventures to Have this Summer".

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 9th

10 ticketes available.

The Lobster Mushroom

The Lobster Mushroom is not really a mushroom but a parasitic mold that takes over other mushrooms, altering their appearance into what you see above. The Lobster is found from late Summer well into Autumn under several species of trees. These are a dense fungi with a wonderful taste and, believe it or not, can also be used as a dye.

The forests around Barrie are rich with mushrooms so you won't go home empty handed. Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Barrie area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 10th

15 ticketes available.

The Bear's Head Tooth Mushroom

The Bear's Head Tooth is a member of the Hericiaceae family, or Tooth Fungi, and is found on living and dead deciduous hardwood trees. Found young they are considered a delicacy and labeled as "choice" by many chefs worldwide. They pair well with potatoes, leeks, meats, truffle butter, and apples. But take care as they do not have a shelf life and should be prepared the same day they are found. Besides the Bear's Head we will also be searching for other mushrooms such as Comb Tooth, Summer Oysters, a variety of Boletes, Honey Mushrooms and more. Also included will be wild edible plants and herbs like Wood Sorrel, Wild Ginger and Wild Watercress.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 16th Forage and Feast
Wild Boar Stew with Chestnuts

18 tickets available.

With Autumn only days away we can already feel the crispness in the air along with a certain coolness to the night. These conditions are ideal for the arrival of Fall Mushrooms. Blewits, Lactarius, Velvet Foot, Fall Oysters and more. The surrounding forests trails around Stratford are home to these tantalizing fungi as well as wild plants like Wild Watercress, Wood Sorrel, Wild Pears and Apples. Our morning trek takes us into Nature's Wild where we search for her bounty. All of this before we return to town for an upscale lunch that includes Truffle Gouda, baguettes, Wild Watercress Soup and, of course, the main dish, Wild Boar Stew. This is a traditional Portugese recipe with chestnuts, braised brussels sprouts, black currants and wild mushrooms. Dessert: A Creamy Caramel Flan.

Your choice of red or white wine from Niagara along with locally brewed craft beer.

Start time: 9:45 am
Where: Packham Sports Complex
Cost: $90 per person.

Tickets can be purchased through e-transfer or PayPal. For more information phone 519-271-3726 or email us at pucksplenty@gmail.com

September 17th

15 tickets available.

The Comb Tooth

When you're walking through the forest and come across a branched, whitish mass on a fallen log you might think it was a patch of Winter out of nowhere. In reality it would be the Comb Tooth, another choice mushroom that has a melt in your mouth flavour. Like the Bear's Head they have no real shelf life so they should be consumed the day you find them. They can be anywhere between six to ten inches in length which would give anyone a sizeable meal. You can't find mushrooms like this in the produce section of stores and you will not experience a taste like this unless you go to the wild. Along with the Comb Tooth we will be searching for Bear's Head (another tooth fungi), Honey Mushrooms, Summer Oysters and much more.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 23rd

15 tickets available.

Pear Shaped Puffballs

Our event features one of Autumn's finer tasting fungi, Pear Shaped Puffballs. About the size of Button Mushrooms, the Pear Shape is listed on the taste scale as "Choice". With a firm white interior, it is delicious sauteed in butter and garlic. These mushrooms can be found clustered on and around the dark and decaying remnances of harwood stumps. We will also be searching for Comb Tooth Coral, Lepista Irinas, Velvet Foot mushrooms and more. Wild plants are also on the agenda featuring Wood Sorrel and Wild Ginger.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Bright area.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 24th

14 tickets available.


That's right! They are that blue. Considered a delicacy in France, the Blewit is a meaty, slow growing mushroom that is excellent roasted or sauteed. They made their arrival to our 2021 season in mid-September and continued to show up right through November. You can find the Blewit under closely grown conifers in dark areas of the forest.

Along with the Blewits we will be searching for another member of their family, the Lepista Irina.
Same shape and texture but white.

Start time: 10:00 am
Meeting place: Packham Sports Complex, Stratford.
Cost: $35.00/person

September 30th

15 tickets available.

Lepista Irina

Yet another meaty fungi, the Lepista Irina is right up there on the list of our favourite mushrooms. Like the Blewit, you can find them under conifers from September through November. We will also be searching for Comb Tooth Coral, Velvet Foot mushrooms Blewits and more. Wild plants are also on the agenda featuring Wild Watercress and Wild Ginger.

Why not join us on trails in and around our lovely town of Stratford.

Start time: 10:00 am
Meeting place: Bright area.
Cost: $35.00/person