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June 23rd

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The Oyster Mushroom

There's an old fallen hardwood tree off one of the trails we use and this gracious tree has been yielding a constant crop of Summer Oyster Mushrooms from late June through September for three years now. Anyone familiar with wild mushrooms knows the Oyster is one of the finest, sweetest tasting fungi to be found. We're heading out to the forest only 20 minutes from Stratford to search for these as well as the tantalizing Pheasant Back Mushroom, Day Lily Flower Buds, Wild Watercress and more.

Marriot International listed Puck's Plenty as one of the "Top 10 Adventures to Have this Summer". Join us and find out why!

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: 96 Birmingham Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 2S9
Cost: $35.00/person

June 24th

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Pineapple Weed

When you think of weeds you naturally think . . . Garden Pests! Here at Puck's Plenty we don't regard this plant as a weed even though it can be found practically everywhere. Waste sights, sidewalk cracks, parking lots. We'll sidestep those areas and concentrate on Nature's grassy plains instead. This herb (because that's what it is) has a wonderful scent that translates into an amazing tea. Moreover, thanks to a chef we took out last year, we found that boiled in equal parts cane sugar and water, it makes an incredible substitue for maple syrup. It's absolutely delicious. Like many other wild edibles, after you see it for the first time you see it again and again, throughout the Summer. So bring paper bags, small knives, scissors and spades as we search for these along with wild watercress, day lily buds and flowers, wood nettles, not to forget fungi such as oyster mushrooms, ash boletes and pheasant back. They're all out there on beautiful trails only a short car ride from Stratford.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: 96 Birmingham Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 2S9
Cost: $35.00/person

June 30th Forage and Feast


One of the featured mushrooms on our menu is the highly rated Summer Oyster. The delicate fleshy substance renders the perfect texture to any dish. We'll collect these as well as pheasant back fungi (one of the few mushrooms eaten raw), day lily flower buds, wild leek bulbs and more. Then we return to the Forest Motel where a four course meal awaits us, served under banquet tents alongside a lovely lake. Nettle Gouda from Mountain Oak Cheese along with baguettes from The Downie Street Bakehouse will be the opening fare followed by vegan friendly Cream of Mushroom Soup. Our main course will be provided by Linley's while dessert will be served up by The Black Angus Bakery. Locally brewed craft beer from Black Swan Brewery and wines from Niagara are also included.

Start time: 9:45 am
Where: Packam Sports Complex
Cost: $70 per person.

Tickets can be purchased through internet transfer or PayPal. For more information phone 519-271-3726 or email us at pucksplenty@gmail.com