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Please note: The mushrooms featured on our events reflect their normal growing season.
Weather conditions, which we have no control over, can affect their growth.

Giant Puffball
Maitake (Hen of the Woods)
Wild Ginger
Honey Mushrooms
Wild Watercress
Yellow Cracked Bolete

These events are "go" rain or shine.

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August 3rd

14 tickets available.

Angel Wings

These delicate fungi are a smaller version of the Summer Oyster and will appear on stumps and fallen branches of hardwood throughout the Summer and early Autumn. They have a mild sweet taste and are best consumed when they are white. Angel Wings don't last long as they will begin to fade brown within a day or two. Still, they are a fine compliment to any meal. Sautee very lightly for only a few minutes.

We will be out on the Avon Trail looking for these as well as Summer Oysters, Two Coloured Boletes, Gem Studded Puffballs, Wild Watercress, Wood Sorrel and more.

Start time: 10:00 am. Duration: approx. 3hrs
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $40.00/person

Duel Events

August 4th, Cambridge

16 tickets available.

Chestnut Bolete

Along with the Chestnut Bolete we will also be foraging other fungi such as Summer Oysters, Angel Wings, Chicken of the Woods and more.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 4th, Barrie

14 tickets available.

The Hedgehog Mushroom/

Hydnum repandum or "Sweet Tooth" is one of the easiest mushrooms to identify. The cap is creamy white with tiny spines hanging down the underside. These popular mushrooms are quite tasty but need to be harvested when young before the worms get to them. The Barrie forest presents a multitude of edible mushrooms including the Lobster, the Summer Oyster and an array of Boletes. So grab your baskets and mesh bags and join us on the trails. We are mid-Summer and Mother Nature has a wealth of wild edibles on the agenda.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Barrie area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 10th

19 tickets available.

Turkey Tails

Rated as one of the top five medicinal mushrooms in the world, Turkey Tails are quite abundant throughout Ontario and have well-documented uses for supporting immune function, reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and enhancing the efficacy of cancer treatment. They can be found on decaying hardwoods, appearing in clusters. Preparation: 1 cup of mushrooms to 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil and let seep for 10 minutes. The tea is quite mild tasting so try adding a bit of honey to improve the taste.

We will also be searching for Summer Oysters along with a variety of Boletes and Russulas.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 11th

17 tickets available.

Reishi Mushrooms

Like the Turkey Tails, the Reishi Mushroom is also considered as one of the top medicinal mushrooms in the world. Boosts the immune system, increases white blood cells and is currently being studied for its possible cancer fighting properties. When young they have a deep yellow colour but as they age they turn a radiant red or burgundy. They are found on well decayed hardwoods and should only be harvested when mature. Along with these gems we will be searching for other mushrooms such as Summer Oysters, Platterfuls, Beech Rooters and, of course Turkey Tails.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Bright, ON area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 17th

12 tickets available.

Chicken of the Woods

This weekend event we feature the highly sought after Polypore, Chicken of the Woods. This is a very large and stunning mushroom with layers of red and yellow. Colours that make it stand out easily inside dense hardwood forests. This mushroom's texture resembles cooked boneless chicken breast. Hence the name. Among the other mushrooms we will be searching for are Summer Oysters, Turkey Tail, Fawn Mushrooms and others. This would be a great addition to anyone's Summer Holiday.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Bright area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 18th

16 tickets available.

The Ghost Pipe

At first glance it appears to be an odd plant of some kind. It is! An edible plant that has a similiar taste to asparagus. They can be found in hardwood forests in clusters. Sauteed gently, the Ghost Pipe can be yet another delicious wild edible you can add to your menu.

Along with these, we will be searching the forest floors for Giant Puffballs, Angel Wings, an assortment of Boletes as well as tantalizing plants including Wild Ginger, Sweet Cicely and Wild Lemon Balm.

If you want wild, we've got it.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Cambridge area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 24th (2 events, Bright and Barrie, ON)

Giant Puffball Hunt at Bright, Ontario

15 tickets available.

Because of the demand we are scheduling a duplicate event for the Puffballs. We will be meeting at the Chesney Wilderness Area then driving to a 100 acre parcel of Crown Land a few minutes away where we will search for Puffballs, Summer Oyster Mushrooms, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Wild Ginger and more.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Bright, Ontario.
Cost: $40.00/person

Giant Puffball Hunt at Barrie

7 tickets available.

One of the great celebrities of late Summer, the Giant Puffball demands attention if only for its size. So far our record find was an 18 pounder back in 2016. I don't think we can do much better than that. Outside of its dimensions the Puffball is also rated as "choice" for taste the world round. They will be easy targets in the forest so why not join us as we search for these along with Summer Oysters, Angel Wings, assorted Boletes, Wild Oregano and Wild Mint.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Barrie, Ontario.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 25th

19 tickets available.

Summer Oyster Mushrooms

This popular member of the Oyster Mushroom Family appears in late June where it continues to grace hardwood forests right through until late October. Its fleshy texture and mildly sweet taste makes it the perfect article for any recipe calling for mushrooms.

To be sure there are other fungi to be found. Assorted Boletes, Puffballs and more. Find out why The Australian included Puck's Plenty in their article on wild food earlier last year.

Start time: 10:00 am
Where: Stratford area.
Cost: $40.00/person

August 31st Forage and Feast
Chanterelle Ragout


Let's face it, our favourite mushroom is the Chanterelle. Known for its hidden sweetness, this delicacy is easy pickings for any gourmet meal. And for that it qualifies as our featured main dish. But first we visit the trails where Oyster Mushrooms, Puffballs, Boletes to name but a few await us. before returning to Stratford where a hearty four course meal awaits us. The menu begins with Truffle Gouda from Mountain Oak Cheese accompanied with baskets of fresh baguettes from The Downie Street Bakehouse. A light Leek Soup is next on the agenda followed by the main course, Chanterelle Ragout. Our dessert, Peach Pie while beverages include locally brewed beer and wines from Niagara.

As an added bonus for their cooking pleasure, all participants will be taking home portions of fresh Chanterelles from our local supplier.

Start time: 9:45 am
Where: Packham Sports Complex
Cost: $95 per person.

Tickets can be purchased through e-transfer to this email address. For more information phone 519-271-3726 or email us at pucksplenty@gmail.com

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