For the past ten years our Forage and Feast Events have served to bring participants a taste of the wild, at the same time promoting local businesses who team with us to create a wonderful culinary experience. In 2017 Wine and Dine Magazine (Singapore) featured Puck's Plenty's Forage and Feast alongside such world famous restaurants as Noma (Denmark), Parallel 37 (San Francisco) and the Native Restaurant (Britain). Our Forage and Feast Events are listed by Marriott International as one of the "Top 10 Adventures to Have this Summer" while Travel and Leisure Magazine included Puck's Plenty as one of the top foraging spots in the world.

In order to attend these events you must be 19 years or older.

2020 Forage and Feast Dates
Details to come

May 9th - June 6th - June 27th - August 1st - August 22nd
September 5th - October 10th - October 31st

2019 Forage and Feast Events

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October 12th Forage and Feast


One of the more exciting new finds is the versatile Lepista Irina. It begins to show itself in late August and will coninue to appear until mid-November. It's large and meaty, perfectly suited to our main dish. Meanwhile, out on the trails, we'll also search for Blewits (they're really blue), Lactarius Deliciocus, Lion's Mane, Comb Tooth Corals and more. Then return to Stratford Tea Leaves for a four course lunch featuring Wild Nettle Gouda from Mountain Oak Cheese accompanied with baskets of fresh baguettes from The Downie Street Bakehouse. Next on the plate is leek soup followed by Wild Mushroom Gratin. Our lunch will be topped off with a splendid dessert from The Black Angus Bakery. Locally brewed craft beer along with red and white wines from Niagara are also included.

November 2nd Forage and Feast


We're off into a brisk morning of Autumn, where wild mushrooms are ripe for the picking. Blewits, Fall Oysters, Fawn Mushrooms and more. What better way to work up an appetite for our Forage & Feast Season Finale. Our four course lunch at Stratford Tea Leaves will focus on Mother Nature's best offerings. Wild Nettle Gouda from Mountain Oak Cheese, baguettes from The Downie Street Bakehouse. Watercress Soup is next on the agenda before the creme de la creme, Beetroot and Wild Mushroom Gratin in a cream sauce spiced with horseradish and caraway seeds served over mashed potatoes. Dessert will be provided by The Black Angus Bakery. Locally brewed craft beer as well as wines from Niagara are included.

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